How awesome is this: Gabrielle Bernstein, my most adored and fashionable spiritual teacher, posted this wicked video last week about acknowledging your awesomeness.

It is so important for everyone to be aware of their own strengths and gifts, no matter what they might be. The practice of bringing attention and awareness to your own greatness has remarkable effects on your happiness.

My awesomeness list:

  1. I’m really freaking passionate about everything I do, from my work, to my relationships, to my love of food and adventure. I have a serious fiery love for life.
  2. I am really great at making other people feel better and helping them during times of need. Nothing makes me feel more satisfied & whole than helping someone else.
  3. I’m creative and always taking pictures, writing, cooking, or making up rap lyrics to mundane life tasks.
  4. I’m really open to changing for the better and pursuing my own happiness/greatness every single moment of every single day. No past fear or pain is big enough to hold me back from dedicating my life to self improvement and service.
I challenge you to write a list of things you know you’re really great at, even if it just includes crushing an entire Netflix original series season in less than 24 hours (a valid modern-day skill). Everything is AWESOME and so are you!


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