Expansive Life Coaching

Dive into your greatness, for fun, for the world.

What does expansive life coaching look like?

Empowering Creation

Our coaching starts with you getting diamond clarity on what you want to create for your future self, business, family, and community.  From there, we coach everything that’s in the way of you powerfully creating your vision.

Collaborative Partnership

You are the leader of your life. Our coaching is a uniquely collaborative process where we partner and work together in empowering you and your greatness in a no B.S., hugely loving environment.

Free Discovery

I offer complimentary sample coaching calls to let you experience the power of coaching for yourself and explore if working together would make sense for your life.

Praise & Affection

"The coaching process with Sanja helped me to pinpoint how I wanted to design my life, visualize it, and to prioritize simple action steps to help me reach my goals. A natural procrastinator, coaching helped me to be held accountable with regularly scheduled weekly calls, while always being open to impromptu mini coaching sessions in between if needed. Throughout our four months working together, we did some interesting exercises that helped me tap into some of what makes me tick, identifying behaviors that I might allow to stand in my way. I feel fortunate to have found Sanja as my first experience with life coaching. She is intelligent, knowledgeable, perceptive, and genuinely passionate about helping others to live their best life. She loves what she's doing and it shows."
Tova H. – FloridaCoaching client
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Professional & Accredited

I am dedicated to providing you with the highest caliber of service and support. I am a professional ontological life coach with 216 hours of ICF-accredited in-person training by the world’s finest coach training program: Accomplishment Coaching.

100% Confidential

Your privacy is very important to me. I strictly adhere to the ICF’s Code of Ethics and confidentiality agreement.

Coach From Anywhere

All our coaching happens over the phone. Create an extraordinary life from the comfort your home, that sunny bench in the park, or anywhere you are, worldwide.

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Praise & Affection

"Sanja is a true miracle worker. I came into this soul coaching experience with no expectations, but an open mind. Sanja introduced me to enlivening concepts and materials that blew my mind, but resonated with my heart. It was as though I had been longing to discuss and practice things like non-judgement, mindfulness, belief re-patterning, free-writing, mini-meditations, and showing my body some love (...long overdue), but I didn't know where to begin. Sanja lovingly showed me the ropes, and guided me through some ways of incorporating these practices into my lifestyle so that I didn't feel overwhelmed. Moreover, I enjoyed meeting with her on a regular basis to discuss my progress, feelings, and new principles and always came out of them feeling inspired and excited about life. Thank you to Sanja for guiding me back to myself. Regardless of where you think you are on your spiritual path, Sanja can help you set goals or intentions for well-being, and carve out the path to achieving them. I am forever grateful for this experience!"
Kenda Swanson, Love & Relationship CoachCoaching Client
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