You Can’t Do Anything Wrong!

Here’s a fun fact: You can’t do anything wrong! This isn’t just me being quintessentially stubborn (one of my best personality traits), it’s true. The most important lesson I continue to learn about my spiritual/wellness practice is that it’s actually … Read More

Mindfulness Meditation for Millennials

One of the most profound changes I made to my life was my 2014 resolution to start a daily meditation practice. Prior to this challenge I was meditating a couple times a week and had already found extreme calm and … Read More

Bravery: Choosing to Face My Fears

I have a paralyzing fear of heights, and I love hiking. I climbed over 500 metres on a steep and loose rocked mountain two days ago and it was terrifying and exhilarating. I felt more alive on top of that … Read More

Happiness is a Choice

The first time I heard that happiness was a choice I thought it was absolute insanity. Actually, that’s putting it lightly, as someone with a degree in Psychology and a history of major depression, I thought this concept was total … Read More