Crazy Creative Challenge: Write 366 Poems in 2016 #366Prose

This year, I challenged myself to write 366 poems. Oh, shit. Ok, that’s intense. Why did I do this? Let’s rewind and give you some back-story. Even though I have an overwhelming amount of passions and goals, being a poet was … Read More

Wisdom is Timeless

Wisdom truly is timeless. Centuries old teachings have brought me to tears, confusion, epiphany, awe, and grace. The Tao Te Ching, considered to be the wisest book/poem ever created, was written by wise man Lao-tzu, over 2,500 years ago in ancient China. … Read More

You’re Awesome

How awesome is this: Gabrielle Bernstein, my most adored and fashionable spiritual teacher, posted this wicked video last week about acknowledging your awesomeness. It is so important for everyone to be aware of their own strengths and gifts, no matter … Read MoreRead More

I am the Sea

I am moist sand beneath your souls foam creeping up against your toes I am the salty brine in your hair your lungs breathing humid air I am the clouds and the wind without form and formidable I am shapeless … Read More

Sure Shore

Sure Shore Sea Poem OG #1 The one thing I am sure of is the shore. The way it ends and begins this world. An infinity. Crashing waves Sooth and invigorate. It is the start. It is the end. Swim … Read More