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Sea & Shakti is your digital waterfall for expansive & life affirming resources

Hi Beautiful, I am Sanja,

Merlady Mastermind, Life Coach, Poet, Writer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Business Strategist, and Creator behind Sea & Shakti

All the services and resources I have offered intend to inspire and guide you to become the best you possible, with no B.S., and so so so much love.

Here’s what Sea & Shakti means to me – but, I don’t want it to be confined by definitions – so let’s just agree that this is just one interpretation, OK?


I grew up surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, on the timeless island of Korcula, Croatia, where my mama’s family descends from. The sea is the best symbol I have for power. The type of power that can transform with impeccable beauty and grace. She reminds me to relax and to dive in, to adventure and lounge ashore, to wear sexy bikinis and take boat naps. The sea contains all & carries everything forward.


Ampersands are just vertical infinity signs in my mind. My personal belief: your greatness is without boundaries. We each have infinite potential and when we expand our commitments and minds we edge towards that infinite potential. Sounds a little esoteric? Good.


Shakti means power, feminine and creative power to be exact. I deeply connect to the immense power of the feminine and feel most called to empower creators, women, and children with my work. When I teach Kundalini Yoga, I use my spiritual name: Gian Shakti (translation: wisdom of the divine feminine power). The name connects me to my soul and I want to incorporate that awesome gooey wonderful energy into everything I do and create for you (more on spiritual names).

Come on in, the water is warm and wonder is always welcome

Pearls on Sanja:

  • I’m a love LOVER
  • Professional ontological life coach trained and graduated from the world’s finest coach training program: Accomplishment Coaching
  • Syched-ologist and fierce believer in the human spirit
  • Loud talker, inappropriate laugher, spontaneous singer, and professional birthday card greeting writer
  • 220 Hour KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • Born Bosnian & Croatian, former Calgarian, currently thriving in Victoria, BC
  • UCalgary alumna with a BComm in Marketing and BA in Psychology
  • Former Digital Strategist working for the world’s biggest brands
  • Poet and aspiring novelist
  • Just as lost, scared, and ready as you are
  • Dolphin and ocean protector
  • Your new bestie
  • So much more than words on a screen

Dive into your greatness with me!


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Professional & Accredited

I am dedicated to providing you with the highest caliber of service and support. I am a professional ontological life coach with 216 hours of ICF-accredited in-person training by the world’s finest coach training program: Accomplishment Coaching.

100% Confidential

Your privacy is very important to me. I strictly adhere to the ICF’s Code of Ethics and confidentiality agreement.

Free Discovery

I offer complimentary sample coaching calls to let you experience the power of coaching for yourself and explore if working together would make sense for your life.

Coach From Anywhere

All our coaching happens over the phone. Create an extraordinary life from the comfort your home, that sunny bench in the park, or anywhere you are, worldwide.

Collaborative Partnership

You are the leader of your life. Our coaching is a uniquely collaborative process where we partner and work together in empowering you and your greatness in a no B.S., hugely loving environment.

Empowering Creation

Our coaching starts with you getting diamond clarity on what you want to create for your future self, business, family, and community.  From there, we coach everything that’s in the way of you powerfully creating your vision.

Praise & Affection

"Sanja’s yoga classes were truly transformative and provided me with an opportunity to explore my spirituality and connect more deeply with my higher self. Upon walking into one of Sanja’s classes, you immediately feel close to her as she creates such a caring and welcoming space. I found her yoga classes to be both energizing and incredibly peaceful at the same time. It was an absolute pleasure taking a yoga class with Sanja."
Jana B. – AlbertaKundalini Yoga Student