Crazy Creative Challenge: Write 366 Poems in 2016 #366Prose

This year, I challenged myself to write 366 poems. Oh, shit. Ok, that’s intense. Why did I do this? Let’s rewind and give you some back-story. Even though I have an overwhelming amount of passions and goals, being a poet was … Read More

I am the Sea

I am moist sand beneath your souls foam creeping up against your toes I am the salty brine in your hair your lungs breathing humid air I am the clouds and the wind without form and formidable I am shapeless … Read More

Sure Shore

Sure Shore Sea Poem OG #1 The one thing I am sure of is the shore. The way it ends and begins this world. An infinity. Crashing waves Sooth and invigorate. It is the start. It is the end. Swim … Read More